[18] Kimi to Tsunagaru Puzzle Original Soundtrack



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[18] Kimi to Tsunagaru Puzzle

Catalog No.QWCE-577
Release Date March 16, 2016


1    New World
2    Shake it!
3    Walk in the Wonder Dream
4    Bar.Succupusの片隅で
5    Dream Diver
6    Game of Love
7    今宵、女神の祝福を
8    Last Dnace
9    Fly more higher!
10    Guilty Pleasure
11    Madoromi
12    夢の終わり、旅の終わり
13    Good Night, Sleep Tight
14    光と影の境界線
15    Power of Darkness
16    Let the Battle Begin!
17    自我と欲望の輪踊
18    正義の使者は闇夜とともに
19    白昼夢 -Nightmare-
20    Attractive Night
21    Count Down 3,2,1
22    Final Hour”
23    New World (Game Edit)
24    Game of Love (Game Edit)
25    Shake it! (Game Edit)
26    Last Dnace (Game Edit)
27    Final Hour (Game Edit)

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