Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Mar 24, 2017
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3780 JPY
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Vocal
Published by KISS / S-court
Composed by Sakamoto Gaia, 山田重里, 胸元優, Hitoshi Fujima, Cosmic Cube, ARM (IOSYS)
Arranged by 山田重里, Hitoshi Fujima, Cosmic Cube, ARM (IOSYS)
Performed by nao, Aki Misato, Sayaka Sasaki, Duca, Rita, Chata, yozuca*, 姫野珠世
Lyrics by Sakamoto Gaia, Shinichiro Yamashita, yozuca*, RUCCA

Products represented
Custom Maid 3D2, Custom Maid 3D2+, Custom Maid 3D2+ ACT.2, Custom Maid Online, Make Me Lover, xx na KANOJO no TSUKURIKATA 2, Custom Maid 3D


Disc 1

01 ドキドキ☆Fallin’ Love [Full Love☆xury version] 3:32
02 ドキドキ☆Fallin’ Love [Full nao version] 3:32
03 ドキドキ☆Fallin’ Love [Full 佐咲紗花 version] 3:32
04 ドキドキ☆Fallin’ Love [Full 美郷あき version] 3:32
05 stellar my tears [Full nao version] 4:57
06 stellar my tears [Full 佐咲紗花 version] 4:57
07 stellar my tears [Full 美郷あき version] 4:57
08 happy! happy! スキャンダル!! [Full nao version] 4:39
09 happy! happy! スキャンダル!! [Full 佐咲紗花 version] 4:39
10 happy! happy! スキャンダル!! [Full 美郷あき version] 4:39
Disc length 42:56
Disc 2

01 candy♡girl [Full Maid’ish version] 4:08
02 candy♡girl [Duca version] 4:08
03 candy♡girl [Rita version] 4:08
04 candy♡girl [茶太 version] 4:08
05 Selfish Destiny [Full Rita & yozuca* version] 3:54
06 Selfish Destiny [Full Rita version] 3:54
07 Selfish Destiny [Full yozuca* version] 3:54
08 Can Know Two Close? [Full 姫野珠世 version] 5:37
09 rhythmix to you [Full nao version] 4:48
10 scarlet leap [Full nao version] 5:32
11 entrance to you [Full nao version] 4:21
Disc length 48:32

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