Mushihimesama Original Sound Track

虫姫さま オリジナルサウンドトラック


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Catalog Number     N/A
Release Date     2016
Publish Format     Commercial
Release Price
Media Format     CD
Classification     Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Prototype/Unused, Sound Effect
Published by     Cave (Distributed by Valve)
Composed by     Manabu Namiki, Masaharu Iwata, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Daisuke Matsumoto
Arranged by     Manabu Namiki, Masaharu Iwata, Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Shoichiro Sakamoto
Performed by     Yui Yoshii, Aiko Wahei


01     The Princess, Age 15 – Select     1:14
02     To Shinju Forest – Stage1     3:50
03     Levi-Sense – Boss     3:31
04     Enough About That! – StageClear     0:52
05     Furthermore, Cross the Desert too – Stage2     2:59
06     Walking on the Land of Flame – Stage3     3:52
07     Like a Night of Falling Stars – Stage4     4:27
08     The Direction to the Heart of the Forest – Stage5     4:27
09     Is This How You Are? – LastBoss     2:25
10     Requiem of the Sky – TrueLastBoss     3:09
11     The End of the Sacrifice – GameOver     0:11
12     Starfall Village – NameEntry     1:43
13     I Have Something to Ask You – Ending     2:41
14     Location Test Song – Stage1 <Test Ver.>     2:23
15     Princess Reco’s Adventure – Gaiden BGM-a <for Mobile>     3:54
16     To Shinju Forest – Stage1 <Arranged>     4:34
17     Walking on the Land of Flame – Stage3 <Arranged>     5:03
18     Like a Night of Falling Stars – Stage4 <Arranged>     5:31
19     Voice Collection – Voice Collection     2:23

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